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Google are now including the 'mobile-friendliness' of websites as a ranking signal. This site is not mobile friendly. The person who successfully modifies this site so that it IS mobile-friendly, according to Google, will have a 12-month 'Thank You' and link placed here, on a PR4 page. I look forward to working with you, and publicising your good work right here. There are many potentail customers in the same position ;-)

Own a Local Business? The single most important marketing step you can take is to get a FREE Google Places local listing. Have you noticed those 7-packs of local businesses on Page One of Google, when you're looking in vain for your website in the Search Results? Discover how your competitors are being seen by your potential customers. Learn how you can be 'up there' with them.

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Video- It Engages Your Visitors, and Increases Your Rankings. Using the RIGHT video player, with specialist marketing features, can greatly increase your convesion rate. Check out the best video player on the market...

Search Engine Success? It's getting harder and harder. Today, you have to be smarter. Much smarter. No black hat stuff, just give Google what it wants. Discover the highly successful approach that can work wonders for you.

Email Marketing: Keeping In Touch With Your Customers. Dynamic Mail Communicator - is it the best email program on the market for your business? I think it is for mine. Learn more...

Search Engine Optimization At A Glance All of the SEO information you've read, asummed up in one great infographic. See the Search Engine Optimization Periodic Table

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Need Good Ideas For Interesting Blog Posts? Keep your readers engaged with 67 great ideas for blog posts

Heard The One About The Marketer and the Programmer? It's just one in our great collection of over 30 Marketing Jokes. Have a laugh with us...

Forget A Free Web Host. Serious Businesses Need A Serious Webhost. For years now, we've used a webhost that's given us unlimited domains, unlimited downloads, unlimited storage, and a host of features- all for around $10 a month. Check out the features for your self- it's Premium Web hosting on a budget!

Having Trouble Getting Email Through Spam Filters? Thought about your own RSS feed? Learn how to create, edit, publish and track your own RSS feed with the free online service RapidFeeds, or FeedForAll RSS software.

Marketing With Promotional Items? Do promotional items truly work? Studies show that sales jump when promotional items are offered to customers. Studies also show that the return on these items far outweighs the cost.

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Does your site Use HTTPS? Since 2014, Google have given sites using the secure HTTPS protocol a ranking boost. From October 2017, Chrome browser will identify sites that don't use it, as Not Secure. Read up on HTTPS, and SSL Certificates, Now!

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